Atharvaśīrsha Upanishad – Vedic Chanting

August 30 – Oct 18 (8 weeks)

This is a minor Upanishad found in the Atharva Veda. Ganapati or Ganesha is said to be the embodiment of OM. The main topics of the Vedas are Dharma and Bramha. 

Dharma specifies righteous and unrighteous for humanity. It speaks of universal laws and gives guidance for our life to live in an honorable way. Helping us to not only fulfill our desires but to let go of them. 

Bramha is which gives knowledge of the self, that which liberates us from the bondage or action and life & death. The Vedas are knowledge of eternal truth and teach us to touch infinite happiness. 

Tharva = trembling. A-tharva that which never trembles, meaning fearless. The study if this is said to make up fearless and allows us to gain truth of this. 

This Upanishad attempts to answer such questions as how to meditate, what to meditate and on whom meditate, with specific emphasis on the syllable AUM, its meaning and significance. 

Led By Tara Mitra 

August 30- Oct 18 (8 weeks) 

4:30pm CET (one hour) 

Atharvaśīrsha Upanishad – Vedic Chanting
Price (USD): $140.00

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