Ayurveda & Aahar (Food)

Me & My Agni 

November 18-20

An overview of Digestive Fire (agni) and why it is so important, Make-up of Meals & Seasonal Eating for Optimal Health.

In Ayurveda if someone is ill the first thing to be looked at is digestion.  There are so many factors for that work together to create, build and maintain health. In this 6 hours workshop Dr. Padmini will guide us on the concepts of Agni, and it’s different states to understand the connection between eating habits and health. Food (aahar) and Introduce the concepts of Seasonal Eating for optimal health throughout the year. 

A subtle change in our eating practices based on how Ayurveda views the impact of different seasons on our health helps to prevent or reduce the intensity of certain conditions.

Following diet practices to help us adapt to different seasons over the years goes a long way in promoting good health.

I am overjoyed to share this rare opportunity to study with this seasoned Ayurvedic doctor. 

Dr Padmini Ranganathan studied Ayurveda in Chennai and is inspired by her teachers to adopt a traditional approach to understanding health. She began her practice in villages in Madurai, Tamil Nadu before she moved to Mysore 2007, where she has practiced and taught courses in Ayurveda and its connection to yoga therapy ever since. She has been practicing Ayurveda for 17 years.

Teaching Traditional Ayurveda Courses in Gokulam, Mysore and online.

November 18, 19 & 20 6pm-8pm IST 

Ayurveda & Aahar (Food) Ayurveda
Price (USD): $108.00

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