Fine Tune Your Śanti Mantra Chanting March 24 & 31

for those that have studied with me or are familiar with the śanti mantras below but would like to deepen and clean up their practice. 

Sahana Vavatu 
Asato Ma 
Śam no Mitra 
Bhadram Karnebhih 

When you experience sadness, confusion or challenges, Śanti mantras can be a wonderful way to refresh and release any residual that mind and body may be carrying. Each of the three śantis chanted (peace) represent and clear the disturbance from the 3 realms (Tāpatraya)…  

Ādhyātmika — the disturbances caused by internal factors. Stemming from the self.  

Ādhibhoutika — the disturbances caused by physical forces such as earthquakes etc. 

Ādhidaivika — the disturbances caused by Karmic factors or unseen forces from the Divine.  

Two Wednesday’s at 4pm CET / 3pm UK / 7am PST  

March 24th & 31st ~ 40 euros for 2 classes and one 30 minute private session to review the chant of your choice.  

painting by Claudia Tremblay 

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