Foundation to Traditional Samskritam with Tara Mitra

Foundational to Traditional Samskritam

June 6 – July 5, 2023

In this course we will have a step-by-step introduction to traditional Sanskrit grammar (vyākaraṇa). Through this course you can experience the heart of the traditional system and show how it generates valid Sanskrit expressions.

The main focus will be on…

·      Reading and writing Sanskrit
·      Recitation  of Ashtadhyayi of Panini

Setting the linguistic standards for Classical Sanskrit while summing up in 4,000 sutras the science of phonetics and grammar that evolved in the Vedic religion. Panini divided his work into eight chapters, each of which is further divided into quarter chapters. Beyond defining the morphology and syntax of Sanskrit language, Ashtadhyayi distinguishes between the usage in the spoken language and usage that is proper to the language of the sacred texts.
·      Recitation  of Amara-Kosha
The Amarakośa consists of verses that can be easily memorized. It is divided into three kāṇḍas or chapters. The first, svargādi-kāṇḍa “heaven and others” has words about heaven and the Gods and celestial beings who reside there. The second, bhūvargādi-kāṇḍa “earth and others” deals with words about earth, towns, animals, and humans. The third, sāmānyādi-kāṇḍa “common” has words related to grammar and other miscellaneous words.
·      Learning Kriyapada and Namapad
·      Learn Sanskrit grammar  application through Bhagavad-Geeta

Basic Sanskrit is required to participate in the course.

Tuesdays & Wednesdays
10 classes

Foundation to Traditional Samskritam
Price (USD): $150.00

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