Introduction to Chanting

This course takes you from the very start of chanting and guides you through all you need to start your journey to chanting while being delivered in a very approachable manner. Here is what you will learn. 

An Overview and History 
Chanting and its Benefits 
Rules of Pronunciation
Chanting as a Pranayama
Śanti Mantras or “Peace Mantras”
Stotras, Mantras and Japa. (the differences and why we chant them)

Personalized Feedback Throughout the Course and of course, we will Chant Several Shlokas Together

By the end of the 4 weeks, we should have a good foundation for your personal chanting practice.

We will chant for the wellbeing of each other, our earth and to the divine. 

Dates Intro to chanting
Dec 28-Jan 13 – 4 weeks 
Wednesday & Friday 4 – 5pm

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