Introduction to Vedic Chanting

Introduction to Vedic Chanting

October 11-14 / November 5-8

Chanting is a powerful contemplative tool that can be practiced alone or combined with other yogic practices. There are countless benefits to chanting, some of which are greater concentration, clarity, memory, and peace of mind. Chanting teaches us to observe how we listen, grasp and process while strengthening all three.
There is a specific meter in Vedic chanting where the 6 rules must be followed for it to be effective.

In this workshop, we will explore  the history of Vedic chanting the six rules of Vedic Chanting behind them Accurate Sanskrit pronunciation Reading and writing of Roman transliteration of Devanagari understanding the oral tradition (shruti) of Vedic chanting learn to chant some well-known Mantras and the deeper meanings behind them.

October 11-14
Tuesday to Friday

November 5-8
Saturday to Tuesday

About Tara
Raised in Canada, her father from India and mother from Canada, she was exposed to Indian Mythology from a young age. Tara began chanting and studying Sanskrit in 2011, and in 2014 she dedicated four years to learning under the tutelage of R. Saraswathi Jois in Mysore, India. She assisted her daily and learned to deepen her chanting practice while studying Carnatic music at the same time. Tara’s journey into Vedic chanting & ritual began with private classes with Lakshmisha Bhat and expanded further when she was sent in search of Dr. Vigneshwar Bhat to study under in 2015. These years of training led to countless hours of chanting and delving extensively into yoga philosophy to explore the profound meanings behind the chants.
Tara thrives in the gap between Eastern and Western teachings making traditional chanting accessible to all interested in learning while maintaining authenticity through parampara. She wishes to share her knowledge and experience to help benefit the lives of others and benefit the world.

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Introduction to Vedic Chanting

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