It is said that starting out the new year with devotion to the Surya (the sun) & Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) is a powerful way to start the year. Therefore, January Chanting classes we be…
Japa for Surya 108 + Study the root of Sanskrit Pronunciation 
This Japa gets us ready to move into deeper pronunciation while bringing in the powerful and calming energy of the sun. 
In accordance to the RigVeda (the oldest known Sanskrit text) the Sun is the divine healer. 
Begin to study the root of Sanskrit Pronunciation 
~ class 1 & 2 
January 6 & 13
Sankaṭa nāśana gaṇēśa stōtram 
5 verses (we will learn this chant throughly) + Continue to Study the root of Sanskrit Pronunciation 
This potent Ganesha Stotram comes from Narada Purana and is said to free us from sadness while removing all obstacles. 
~ class 3 & 4 
January 20 & 27 
Wednesday’s at 4pm CET / 3pm UK / 7am PST
All 4 classes ~ 40 euros/ 50 usd, January 6, 13,20 & 27 
January 28
Full Moon Sound Healing Session ~ Temple of Singing Bowls Mysore, India 
Thursday at 5pm CET  / 4pm UK /  8am PST
15 euros / 19 usd 
All classes will take place via zoom 


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