Siddhidā japa malas are handmade in Mysore with love. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and takes up to six hours to create. There are 108 semi-precious stones plus one guru bead. All malas come in their own hand block-printed bag crafted in Jaipur India.

Siddhidā: Siddhi is a term given for a spiritual or magical power or capability, which can be obtained through spiritual practices usually mantras and self-discipline. The Sanskrit word translates to accomplishment or success. Siddhis are the fruit that is obtained from diligent spiritual practices. Siddhidā is that which gives the fruit or powers and also refers to the ninth shakti of the Goddess Durga. When you regularly practice japa mala it is said that it is this energy that fulfills your wishes.

All the Siddhidā japa malas are made with hand-selected stones and genuine silver (925) pieces have been sourced in Jaipur, are complied mindfully and strung together with great care in Mysore, India.

I have been hand-making jewelry since I was 14 years old and have always admired the craft and care each piece took. In 2004 I began to understand the power of semi-precious stones and everything changed for me. I had stones in all corners of the house, then necklaces and finally to these beautifully artisan malas that I offer to you today. Semi-precious stones are said to hold many benefits such as protection, healing, calming, soothing, grounding or they can bring love, balance and harmony to your life.

Each mala has been cleansed and positively programmed before they reach you so once you receive yours it is ready for use.

Each bag that your mala comes in has been crafted by local artisans in the Pink City, Jaipur in India. Siddhidā japa malas are sourced from a small village where Anu of Mohari supports families to become educated and empowered while preserving the traditional art of hand block printing. All non-toxic and ethical practices are used during the creation of your bag.

I hope you love your mala as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

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