Principles of Vedic Traditions & Scriptures

This course introduces Ancient Philosophical Methodology. with a focus on the practical implementation of the deep-rooted philosophy and value systems that have been the underlying foundation of these ten-thousand-year-old Vedic and Yogic Practices.

The Vedas are the earliest literary record of Indo-Aryan civilization and the most sacred texts of India. They are the original scriptures of Hindu teachings containing spiritual knowledge encompassing all aspects of life. The philosophical maxims of Vedic literature have stood the test of time, and the Vedas form the highest religious authority for all aspects of Hinduism and are a respected source of wisdom for mankind in general.

The Course will cover Introduction to…

  • Origin of the Vedas
  • Who Wrote the Vedas?
  • Classification of the Vedas
  • Structure of the Vedas
  • The Mother of All Scriptures
  • Study System
  • Smriti
  • Purana
  • Tantra
  • Itihasa
  • Philosophies
  • Other Vedic Texts
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