Weekend Workshop, Ashtanga Yoga Essex

Pranayama, chanting, Mysore Practice & 2 day Sthira & Sukham in Primary Series

They will be helping us reinvent our asana practice by improving our understanding of anatomy.
They will guide us through breathing practices, chanting and yogic philosophy so that we may also learn techniques they have picked up through decades of experience.
Dr. Rob and Tara will review the postures based on four spine positions in the Ashtanga sequence (flexion, extension, lateral, twist).

They will also help us appreciate…
– The regions of the spine, their movement and limitations
– The design of the spine and intervertebral discs
– Postural modifications that provide a safe and more accessible practice
– Common injuries (and how to avoid them)

Schedule for the 2 days Pranayama & Chanting
– 7:00am Mysore style practic
– 8:30am Sthira & Sukham Workshop – 12:00pm

Email: [email protected] to join!

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