Sanskrit Level II - 14 classes

Sanskrit Level II – 14 classes

March 14 – May 3, 2023

Sanskrit is considered as the mother of all languages.
This ancient and classical language of India dating back somewhere between 1500 B.C- 6500 B.C. and is considered the mother of all languages, known for its precise clarity.
Most Indian philosophical and spiritual texts, Vedic, and non-Vedic chanting are written in this profound language with a poetic meter.
If you are a Yoga practitioner, you may have been exposed to or even learned the basics of this language.
Learning Sanskrit carries benefits beyond yoga and theoretical understanding- moving into experiential knowledge. At the same time, wrong methodologies can weaken these effects.
Sanskrit is one of the most structured languages in the world, resembling Mathematics in many ways. The sentence assembly and grammatical rules are similar to mathematical equations derived from learned formulas and not memorization.
Therefore, the correct teaching method of Sanskrit for beginners will differ from the teaching procedure of other languages.
It is also told that the Sanskrit alphabet originates directly from the chakras in the human body, making it the ideal language for creating “mantras” (sacred sounds) that invokes energy vibrations providing calming and meditative effects on one’s mind.

This eight-week course will help you develop a strong foundation for Sanskrit and all languages for that matter.

Over the 7 weeks, we will learn…

• Class one – Overview of Devanagari script Pronunciation, classification of consonants & conjunct consonants
• Class two – Reciting simple Sanskrit verses with the correct pronunciation. Reading and writing simple prose passages in Devanagari and building basic vocabulary.
• Class three – More exposure to combined letters (samyukta-akSharANi)
• Class four – Engage in simple reading and conversation
• Class five – Combine words and phrases for short narratives.
• Class six – Learn through Subhashitas (wise sayings)
• Class seven – The three different puruSha (persons) & linga (genders)
• Class eight – Nouns and verbs (learning tables for cases)
• Class nine – In-depth study of purusha, vacana, and linga (sentence formats)
• Class ten – In-depth study of purusha, vacana, and linga (sentence formats)
• Class eleven – Nouns and verbs (learning tables for cases)
• Class twelve – Learn through Subhashitas (wise sayings)
• Class thirteen – Introduction to grammar rules (Sandhi, Samasa)
• Class fourteen – Introduction to KARAKA (Sanskrit cases)

March 14- May 3, 2023 (7 weeks~ 14 hours)

March – 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29,
April 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26

Tuesdays & Wednesdays (1 hour) 1 pm BST / 2pm CET / 6:30 pm IST
210 USD
All classes will be recorded and shared for a limited time if you cannot attend live. In this case, please feel free to email your questions to me, and we will ensure they are answered.

Sanskrit Level II - 14 classes
Price (USD): $210.00

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