Sanskrit Traditional

September – November

In this course provides a step-by-step introduction to traditional texts: Amarakosha, Ashtadhyai and Subhashitas.

This time we will take up following texts to  learn Sanskrit. 

Amarakosha 10 Stanges (stanzas?) – a Sanskrit thesaurus

Ashtadhyayi – 10 Sutras – comprehensive study resource for Paninian grammar

Bhagavad Gita – 12th chapter 

Amarakosha and Ashtadhyayi are considered as father and mother of world. Therefore, these texts are though of as the pillers of Sanskrit Language hence in traditional these texts are taken as principal texts. We are using the Bhagavad Gita to learn steps of traditional system 

padaccheda padārthoktirvigraho vākyayojanā

ākepasya samādhānam  vyākhyāna pañcalakaam

Five steps of study 

  • Pada-cheda – splitting sentence 
  • Padārtha-ukti  – the meaning of each word 
  • Vigraha – analysing meanings of compound words 
  • Vākya-yojanā – structure of a phrase or sentence
  • ākepaH – objection on concept 
  • Samādhānam – summing up the purpose or conclusion

As we venture through this Sanskrit system learn to appreciate the elegance, precision, and depth of this incredible ancient language.

Students must be able to read Devanagari script to participate. 

Led by Dr Vigneshwar Bhat 

September 5th to November 7th (10 classes)

Tuesdays at 9pm IST 

Sanskrit Traditional (#75)
Price (USD): $150.00

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