Ashtanga + Anatomy Workshop – January 25-26 2020

Rob and I are excited to be teaching Morning Mysore & Pranayama in Essex next month.

2 days Mysore Practice 8-11am w/ Tara Followed by a 2 day Introduction to Pranayama Class led by Rob & Tara

Day 1
Benefits of Pranayama
Anatomy of Breathing
Understanding Correct and Efficient Breathing Patterns
The Essential Pranayama: Anuloma Viloma, Ujayyi, Sitali, Bhramari

Day 2
Pranayama as an ancient practice
Chanting as pranayama
The Bhandas in Pranayama: How, where and when
Breath Retentions: Benefits and when they should be practiced

For more information or to register please write to Jo at @ashtangayogaessex

We would love to see you there!

2 Days Workshop – January 18-19 2020

Making Your Asana Practice Safer and Smarter with Dr ROB LAMPORT & TARA MITRA

In this workshop you will learn methods for how to practice safely, avoid injury and maintain the benefits from your practice.

Rob will discuss key areas in the body and how they are designed to move and then review different ways asana can be practiced as well as the design and function of the body and the common ways that strain can occur.

Tara will review different asanas and discuss how they can be safely performed as well as offering modifications that will carry the same benefit as the posture in its full form.

Suitable for all, £35 or £50 for the series.
Available to book www. or via MindBody App

Ashtanga Yoga, Anatomy & Pranayama Workshop – October 20-21 2019

Sunday, October 20 6-8:30pm
Pranayama Class with Dr. Rob & Tara Mitra 6-7pm
Traditional Led Half Primary Series Class & Chanting 7-8:30pm

Monday, October 21 6-8:30pm
The 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga in Daily Life with Dr. Rob & Tara Mitra 6-7pm
Traditional Led Half Primary Series Class, Chanting & Pranayama 7-8:30pm

Ashtanga Yoga with Tara Mitra – September 14-15 2019

Yet another chance to fine tune your practice, take it a notch higher or simply practice under the guidance of an awesome teacher.

Tara is a KPJAYI authorised teacher and has trained under and assisted Saraswati Jois for over more than 2500 hours. She is currently studying Yoga Therapy (Krishnamacharya tradition) in Chennai.

For yoga workshop contact Sakina at +919348490398.

For Chiropractic appointment send an email to [email protected]