The ksurika upanishad  Cours with Tara Mitra

The Kshurika Upanishat

June 8 to August 9

Kshurika- Upanishat belongs to the Atharvaveda. It teaches us how to cut our attachments using the knife of wisdom to attain liberation.  Also, it focuses on that one has to practice renunciation (Vairagya) to overcome desires and meditation to gain control over the mind and body. Regular meditation upon various parts of the body will release the energy hidden in various centers, starting with the one at the base of the spine and moving gradually upward to the neck region where the three main nerves, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are located (Meditation with Nadi and Chakra). The Ida is on the left, the Pingala is on the right and in the middle is the Sushumna, which is the key to attain oneness with Brahman, the ultimate Reality. The Upanishad also prescribes breathing techniques, detachment and meditation on Aum and renunciation for attaining immortality. It will help you to understand the meaning and significance of a sharp mind in awakening the nerve centers and Chakras in the body and reaching the Sahasrara Chakra through the Sushumna Nadi.

June 8 to August 9 (10 classes)  
Timings 9:00PM IST 

The Kshurika Upanishat
Price (USD): $160.00

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