The Search

It seems that we are all searching for something… may it be inner peace, to heal, to be loved, appreciated, accepted for who we are, whatever the reason yoga comes into our lives. The thing is a lot of times someone gets on the path and then they jump off, they doubt, they find excuses. There is no time, it’s yoga’s fault, “not working”, or the teachers fault, it’s not for me… change does not happen in a few weeks or even months.

Real value gets confused by this desire for instant results… weight reduction, strength building, jump backs, core building, handstands yet, that is not yoga nor the point of yoga. To experience change in the body and mind takes many years of consistent practice. By the time you begin to do the postures that you craved you usually won’t care so much about them or the physical results any longer. Which means yoga is working. 🙂

Yoga is not about instant gratification. It is about a slow and continual journey of understanding the self. Listening to our inner voice to gain a better understanding of ourselves, our true selves…  and to be at peace with what we find. It takes many, many years of dedication and devotion under the guidance of a proper teacher that too has been guided under a noble teacher (or if lucky a Guru) for years in order to see change. 

All good things take time, patience, perseverance. A desire to be is not enough. One must practice. 🙏🏽

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