May 5 ~ ongoing

The Advayatārakopaniṣat, a text consisting of eighteen in verses, belongs to the Suklayajur-ved and is appropriately called Adayatārakopanishat as it exposes the method, that is, taraka-yoga, which leads to the experience of non-dual Brahman. Thus the Darshan embraced by this Upanishad is Advaita.

The Taraka yoga inherent in it, hence it defined as taraka, (the instrument that crosses the ocean of births and deaths) aims at the ultimate goal through: the elaboration and refinement of discriminative knowledge; the realization of various goals (laskshya) with the practice of meditation on the different relative elements, on mystical spaces, observing their lights and their colors (Jyoti-mandala).

Can the wave exist without the ocean or can a small ray of light be born without an infinite light? Thus the space of the heart cannot exist without infinite space. We are continue the journey of 25 upanishads. This course will run May 5 for 12 weeks.

Led by Dr. Vigneshwar Bhat

payments for this course are monthly for ease.

55 usd / month (3 month course) 

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