e-Sanga + chanting

Chanting is a wonderful way to separate from a busy mind.

And Mantra is considered to be which takes us away from our repetitiveness. 

Chanting his not about a mantra to the divine or a god that will come to your rescue and make all your problems disappear. It’s about the watchful or alert nature that derives from continual practice. “Meditating on sound, the most profound way to move inwards.” 

There are countless benefits to chanting. Besides greater concentration, memory, and peace of mind chanting teaches us to observe how we are listening, grasping and processing while strengthening all three. 

There is a specific meter in Vedic chanting where the six rules must be followed for it to be effective. 

These classes are led in small groups following the six rules and discussions on the deeper meanings behind these mantras. 

Join us as we chant for the wellbeing of each other, our earth and to the divine. 

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