cork retreat

Cork – 3 Day Workshop

Sept 16, 17 & 18

Join Tara Mitra (Authorised Teacher & Certified Yoga Therapist) and Dr. Rob Lamport (Chiropractor, Anatomy Genius, and longtime practitioner) to refine your Asana practice, learn safe movements as well as Yoga Philosophy, Chanting, and Pranayama as taught by Sri OP Tiwari.


5 – 7:30pm 
Pranayama Level II 
Ideal for students that have some prior pranayama experience (but not required)


Pranayama & Chanting – 7 – 8am 
Mysore – 8 – 10:30

Saturday WORKSHOP I – 12 – 3:30pm 

Learn about two fundamental Yoga Sutras (II.46 & II.47) and their importance in our asana practice.  This part-theoretical and part-practical exploration of postures will help you better understand movement and awareness of your body and mind. 

We will review:

  1. The 4 Movements/Positions of the Spine     
    Flexion – PASCHIMATANA
    Extension – PURVATANA
    Lateral – PARSVA
    Twist – PARAVRITTI
  2. The Design of the Spine3.
  3. The Interverbretal Disc
  4. How to Modify a Pose to Make Practice Safe & Accessible 
  5. Common Injuries & How to Avoid Them

This workshop will deepen your understanding of the two yoga sutras and the applications in your body. It will also help you find more stability and comfort in your practice or teaching. 


Pranayama & Chanting – 7-8am
Mysore – 8-10:30

WORKSHOP I- 12-2pm 

Yoga for Calming the Mind
The mind is the main cause of our feelings, our emotions, happiness, and sorrow. Instead of identifying with these different parts of us, we learn to be with them. If you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, this course is for you. Tara will share a small discussion on the mind and guide you through practices to help you regulate your mind and body. 

All are welcome. 

WORKSHOP II –  3-5pm

To understand the mind allows us to see how we relate and interact in the different areas in our life. Yoga philosophy and sacred texts helps us to piece the ideas together while we learn what lens we are looking through. 

We will discuss the influences on the mind, the obstacles, and ways to overcome all of these to bring us on a path to greater peace. 
Discussion, Chanting, and ends with a Meditative practice.

Email – [email protected] to register

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