Ayurveda & Immunity

Pranayama Immersion

April 9 & 10

Led Primary Series, Chanting & Introduction to Pranayama

Led classes allow you to deepen your practice, synchronising breath, movement and few point allowing the mind to move inwards. 

Chanting is another form of pranayama and allow the system to relax, reducing stress and anxiety but also increased memory, improved concentration and a calmer state of mind.           

An Introduction to Pranayama 

Pranayama; experience the breath at a more subtle level – (2 days, 4 hours in total)

We will review…

  • The Importance of The Breath 
  • How to Effectively Practice Pranayama 
  • The 5 Fundamental Pranayama Techniques & Their Benefits 
  • Chanting as a Pranayama
  • and of course, we will practice together 

Pomplona, Spain Workshop
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