Ayurveda & Immunity

Sthira Sukham in Primary Series

May 7 & 8 / Essex UK

Tara Mitra & Dr. Rob are coming to the UK

Pranayama, Chanting, Mysore Style Practice, Philosophy & of course… Anatomy 

Pranayama & Chanting 
Mysore Style Classes – refining your practice (you choose the time Jo)
Practicing at your own pace while being assisted to help deepen your personal practice.
Sthira & Sukham in Primary Series (2 days)

We will discuss Yoga Sutras II.46 & II.47 shedding light on these ideas in our personal practices and then adding the element of anatomy to create further awareness in our movements.

Dr. Rob & Tara will review the postures based on these four positions of the spine.

Extension – PURVATANA
Lateral – PARŚVA

as well as…. 

–  the regions of the spine, their movement, and limitations
–  the design of the spine and intervertebral disc 
–  postural modifications for a safe and more accessible practice
–  common injuries and how to avoid them both the short and long term

This workshop will deepen your understanding of two important yoga sutras as well as the spine; it’s design and function and will help you find more stability and comfort in your practice.  

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